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Mofo Rc

Mod.4 Pinion Gears

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These are Pinion Gears for certain models that use the Mod .4 Pitch 

Currently I have 2.0mm Shaft gears which will fit motors such as 130 size and 180 Brushed motors, And some Brushless motors such as the Mofo Rc BAM Motor or others with a 2.0mm shaft diameter.  When i get other mod.4 gears with different shaft sizes or gear teeth count i will add them here. 

The stock trx4-m gear is the 2.0mm mod.4 11T This is also the gear that will fit the mofo rc Big Block motor and BAM motor for the trx4-m use

The Fms 2.0mm Mod.4 16T is the gear for the Big block or Bam Motor from mofo rc or other 2.0mm shaft motors.  THIS GEAR IS LONGER THAN THE STOCK GEAR and will require you to either dremmel out or drill out the spur gear cover pinion relief hole or when you install the cover just dont tighten the screws all the way on the cover so the gear doesnt smash against the cover. 

These pinion gears are Press on gears, They do not have set screws. When installing press against the back of the motor case either where the shaft protrudes or where the shaft would protrude out otherwise motor damage can occur.