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Mofo Rc

Scx24 Nylon Portal Axles - Front, Rear, And 6x6

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These are Nylon Plastic housing Portal axles, Nothing really special, These can be upgraded with parts from other branded portal axles that look just like these. These run dog bones in the front not CVDs, I will offer CVD axles for these soon. 

Sold in 3 different option, 

Front and rear Pair of axles, This is a complete pair of front and rear portal axles with steering linkage and servo mount and brass hexes. 

Front Only Axle, This is a complete front axle only with steering linkage and servo mount and brass hexes, USE This option if you need 4 wheel steering to add onto the front and rear axle combo or buy 2 of these. 

6x6 Center axle, This is a complete rear axle meant to be used in a 6x6 application as the middle axle. It has a pass through gear so you can attatch a driveshaft to both ends to power the final rear axle in a 6x6.

These are not exactly high end parts, These are just like all the other portal axles of this style. The price reflects that and we will not warranty out for issues such as binding or broken dog bones etc.

These will NOT work with the mofo CVD Axle shafts. Or rear axle shafts. But they will work with Mofo CVD axle kit for nylon portals  also they will likely work with other brand CVDs for portals such as powerhobby, ogrc, dkky or meus and other axles that look the exact same as this. If you experience some binding it seems to mostly clear itself up with use.  A good idea would be to pull these apart and grease all the moving parts before use.