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Mofo Rc

Brass Pinion Gears 2.0mm shaft

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size and pitch

Pinion Gears, for 2mm shaft diameter such as the PN90 or surpass 1410 motor check options in dropdown box These are the following sizes and pitch, 2mm shaft diameter, Mod .3 stock pitch in either 16t, 18t, 23t, or 24t, Mod .5 Hot racing or furitek aluminum spur pitch in 12 teeth and 14teeth

When running surpass 1410 Or Pn90 motor with my mount you'll need either mod3 24t or mod5 14t

These do not have set screws, you must press them on, I recommend a vice, Make sure it is aligned and the rear of the shaft should be supported or remove the rear of the case to support against the shaft before pressing on. Once installed these will not come loose and if needed to be removed the way ive found is to crush the gear in a vice and then slide it off.