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Mofo Rc

!!!CLEARANCE!!! CVD Front Spring Steel Axle Shafts

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Spring steel CVD front axle shafts for the Scx24 Will give you smoother and more responsive Steering at angles greater than stock. Sold as 1 Pair or enough for 1 front axle. 

There a couple options, The new v2 Cvds have a pin retaining bushing, The original CVDs will be discounted until sold out. select from options. 

These are sold in 2 variants, Stock size and +4mm size for those currently using +4mm extended Axles, These are for the +4 that would use a brass patty weight and has the hex pin near the threaded area of the shaft not near the middle. These CVD axles are a Parkerized spring steel which may seem a little less smooth than a nitride or stainless steel finish out of the box but will wear in very nice and smooth and be super strong. 

NOTE: The V2 version uses a retaining pin bushing cup, If the cup comes off during its travels to you and the pin falls out, You may need to reassemble the joint upon arrival. May require patience. 

Stock dogbone axles are good for appx 27 degrees The Mofo CVD Axles will handle at least 35 Degrees of steering and still be smooth without binding up and snapping. You will still need to set your endpoints to avoid excessive stress and strain on the joints. But These can handle some pretty good abuse.  

Spring steel is commonly used in the Automotive industry to make Leaf springs or other high functioning stress parts. Also Commonly used to make swords out of. They can actually absorb some bind or bend without losing the original form. 

Make sure you set your endpoints. These are not a cure all for turning beyond the point of binding and not adjusting the endpoints. Anything bent beyond the point it was designed for will still cause problems and lead to failures or shortend life. The CVDs will instantly snap if your steering is set too far as there is no give in the 1 piece joint and it will act like a fulcrum applying all the pressure to the joint. 

If you have issues installing the bearings do not force them excessively, Use some sand paper or scotch brite and polish the surface then install.