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Mofo Rc

Best Servo Mount Ever BSME

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Best Servo Mount Ever for scx24 is adjustable both front to back for larger servo clearance and side to side via offset servo upright posts for servo horn offset or side clearance. Youve seen the inferior copies.... This is where they came from, Mofo Exclusive Design

Comes in either black brass or black aluminum both with aluminum servo posts. Choose extra weight right over the front axle or if you're trying to keep the weight down go with the aluminum mount. This mount will work with stock Y link upper and also with 4 link uppers via both threaded ends.

Fits all scx24 models and most all aftermarket servos such as mofo rc, NSDRC, Reefs, Emax and Savox Brass servo mount set weights 12 grams Aluminum servo mount set weights 6 grams

Newly redesigned to have a larger axle pocket so these should both fit every axle perfectly with no effort, When running a larger servo and mount these can come in contact with the frame and may or may not require a little finesse or mod to the stock frame to get to your liking.