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Mofo Rc

Limiting Straps

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Flexible limiting straps for 1/24 scale rigs. Nearly Indestructible material. Choose options, Eyelet to eyelet 33mm and 37mm are good for stock or slightly suspension modified, 41mm and 45mm are for more modified rigs with lots of articulation. Add Great scale realism to your rig and they are functional as well, They do also add a little bit of spring to your rig depending on where and how you mount them.


Do not over tighten, install screw and stop turning screw once it touches the strap. Printed in a Rubbery Material that is very flexible. These are paintable using Polycarbonate body paint. Not regular spray paint. Get at hobby shop.


NOTE*** You can measure your articulation with a measuring tape or ruler and convert to MM by dividing by 26 Example 1 inch equals 26mm pick up your rig and measure from the axle lower link mount hole to the frame hole you want to mount it to and if using something like a double barrel shock youll likely want to go smaller than the full articulation droop. If Unsure Maybe order a couple different sizes.