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Mofo Rc

1.5mm Shaft diameter Pinion Gears Mod.5 pitch

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Material and Tooth Count

Mod.5 pitch, 1.5mm shaft diameter Hardened steel or Brass pinion gears. These are sold 1 gear per purchase. Pictures for reference. 

Please know what gear pitch your spur gear is. These will only work with mod.5 spur gears.

These are press on gears, You must either use a pinion gear tool or know what you are doing to install these or you may ruin your motor. Use at your own risk and skill level. 

These are for the 1.5mm shaft motors such as the stock scx24 motor, 030 and 050 size motors. ALSO for the motors such as the Nano Beast, Nano Bam, and the Micro Komodo. Or any motor with a 1.5mm Shaft diameter.