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Mofo Rc

1UP Wheels 1.0" Island Ultra Premium Wheels

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The 1UP wheels are the first Mofo Rc Beadlock wheel to be made in a staggering +5mm overall width more than the UPW, DDP and Super DDP wheels, Or 1mm wider wheel than any of them even with the Island Spacer Kit installed. These wheels WILL NOT fit the island spacer kit or the Super Island spacer kit or the standard brass inner rings like the other wheels, But instead are already a Super Deep Dish design with a mega offset in stock form. 

These are also the first wheels from Mofo rc to include the mofo aluminum 0mm MF6 hubs in the pack and they are color matched to the wheels. If you Preffer to go even further offset you can still purchase and use the MF6 wheel hubs in more extended offsets or in brass varieties. The wheel installation is simple, Install inner ring into tire, Install inner and outer wheel halfs, Line up the inside of the wheel in either 4 spoke, Or 8 spoke spun look and hold the MF6 hub at the rear of the wheel with the Hex hole facing out. Insert the 6 screws and slowly tighten in a star pattern. 

1UP wheels are absolutely gorgeous... The colors are beautiful and the machining is superb. The weight of 1 assembled wheel is 19 Grams, Total 76 Grams

We also have a BRASS UPGRADE PACKAGE"click here" for the wheels that will include the 0mm brass MF6 hubs and Brass inner rings to add a staggering 132 Grams to the Wheels weight of already 76 Grams for a total of 208 Grams of extra weight Or tuneable for front or rear bias simply by mixing and matching between the brass and aluminum.

When using super wide wheels like these it is best to use a thicker Foam in the tire such as the crawler innovation micro foam or double up the foams then trim. Some tires will not need a wider foam but the taller tires will tend to push the tire in or out from center of the wheel while driving. You can also use certain Printed foams such as Flubber stuffers and others, Maybe even a mofo rc Printed Flex Foam in the near future... 

The wheel measurements are as follows. 

Total width of wheel 22.5mm and wheel outside diameter of beauty ring is 28mm

Total width of wheel inner ring 19.1mm and outside diameter is 29.5mm