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Mofo Rc

+8mm wheel spacers - Super Island Spacers / Monster truck

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Super Island spacers for the Mofo rc DDP, UPW and Super DDP wheels, This is an inner puck spacer and inner ring kit with longer m2x14mm screws for the installation of the mf6 wheel hubs onto your mofo rc wheels.

This will make the Mofo Wheels 8mm wider. It will give you the Super Fat tire look when done properly. You will really want to consider a wider tire foam in your wheels when using these, especially with tall tires, Otherwise the tire can lop from one to the other and or look funny.

These will Also work with the mofo rc Monster Truck tires and Mofo rc wheels It will require patience when mounting these with the MT tires, Another easier way of mounting these onto MT tires is using a little tire glue or super glue to install the outer wheel/ring surface to the tire so the bead doesnt pop out while installing. I will make a video soon of installation tips for the MT tires. 

These weight appx 75g total for set, Material is aluminum and it is black.