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Mofo Rc

AX24 Carbon Fiber or Aluminum AX-Blades, Shock Plates

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AX-Blades are the alternative to replacing your chassis with our Double Dragon Carbon Chassis But still provide some of the Benefits such as strength and low weight at only 2 grams but adding Several shock mounting points that allow you to mount the shocks in different position using the included nuts.

You can also use shorter shocks to reduce the amount of flop or articulation or mount with limiting straps and you can choose to tune the setup as needed for the ultimate setup. This is a direct bolt on that opens the door to major suspension tuning. 

These come in a set of 4 and will fit the Stock and other chassis designed for the AX24, They install directly into the upper shock mount hole and chassis battery tray mount hole. They include longer screws as well as Tiny nuts for use with the shocks. And 2 aluminum crossbraces you can use to stabilze the plates from side to side. Available in Carbon or Aluminum