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Mofo Rc

AX24 / Scx24 Mega clearance Black Brass High Clearance links, Long Wheelbase kit

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Ax24 Stretch Kit with High clearance black brass links, This comes with 8 links total. 4 lower links 58.5mm long and 4 upper links 40mm long. Pictures for reference only only show 1 set, Ill try to get more pics loaded soon. When installed this will stretch the wheelbase on the appx 1/2 inch longer / 13mm. This provides much better hill climbing and a lower center of gravity.

This kit includes 2 driveshaft linkable extensions only 1 should be needed. Please click Here for info on the extension. Best way ive found to do this is to use the rear driveshaft tube in the front, Then use the front driveshaft tube mounted in the rear and install the driveshaft extender about 30-40% into the female tube when installed it will not fall out. Install and test for clearance, If the shaft hits on full compression install a little bit further.  

If Purchased for an SCX24 and not AX24 you will only use the lower links and driveshaft extender, The lower links are the length of a jeep / C10 / Bronco  REAR lower Link, It will still include the uppers and the driveshaft extenders but the upper links will not be the correct length for scx24 stock link geometry. These were made for ax24 link mounting where the upper links are much further and higher than the scx24