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Mofo Rc

Servo, Black Label DP-M Direct Power

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This new servo from Mofo Rc is a Black Label Exclusive, It is the 3rd variation of the black label namesake but not the 3.0 version. This is direct power, Simply plug the servo into your reciever or ESC reciever combo and then plug the 2nd servo connector into your 2s lipo battery balance port and recieve full servo power and speed of 8.4v without worrying about expensive electronics, Add on BEC circuits or brown outs from over current draw in your electronics. Interested??? Read on!!!

The Black Label DP-m is smaller and lighter than the Black Label 2.0 and is nearly just as powerful at maximum voltage BUT EVEN MORE POWERFUL AND FASTER than the Black Label 2.0 and other more expensive servos of that class when you are not running bulky and expensive electronics and aftermarket BEC modules. And just like the other Mofo Rc servos offered this INCLUDES an industry exclusive 7075 military grade aluminum 25T Servo Horn threaded for m1.4 scx24 and ax24, Can be drilled out larger for custom needs. Also includes the normal plastic horn bits as well. 

Even though this is budget friendly it is not cheap. This is made to our own specifications and there is not another servo like it in the micro class. It is a Mofo Rc Exclusive from one of if not the most renowned servo and electronics factories. Needless to say i am very excited to offer this finally. Can be purchased with a Mofo Rc Best servo mount ever for just $5 more select in the options.

The specifications for this servo are as follows. 

      Direct Power means on 2s you get full 8.4v Power and Speed

      High Voltage Direct Power 2s lipo power 8.4v 

      Oversized All Steel Geartrain -  No brass copper or plastic.... STEEL 

      .07 second speed at 8.4v

      99 oz-in 7.2KG Stall Torque at 8.4v

      Aluminum Center Heat Sink

If you are going to run this servo with a 3s battery you will need to cut and splice the 2 red wires together as shown in the last picture, Obviously you will want to heat shrink over the splice - not shown.  If you are wanting to run 2 servos on the same direct lipo power source you will need to cut and splice the 2 red wires on the lipo ports. If you are not sure or not knowing of how to do these things then likely better off to purchase the black label 2.0 or servoBeast servo. Not the DP-m

NOTE: Being a direct power servo you must plug this in and unplug it each time you run your rig. Grip the connector when doing this, Do NOT pull this out by the wires or you will break it. If you yank out the wires you are out of luck. ALSO DO NOT leave this plugged in overnight or you will likely kill your battery. 

Warranty on this servo is 30 days and covers manufacturer defects.