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Mofo Rc

Brushless LCG Aluminum Motor Mount for axial 1/24

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This is the LCG motor mount for using Nano sized brushless motors such as the NanoBeast and NanoBAM motor. This mounts the motor in the same location as the stock brushed motor for a nice low center of gravity. Uses Smaller size motors with 9mm mounting pattern

Included is the Aluminum motor mount that will fit on any scx24 based transmission. All the necessary screws for install and 1 Nylon mod.3 transfer gear that is 18 tooth with a 2mm hole. 

Here is a link to a brief install video from mofo rc. LINK

Although this is designed for use with the mofo rc NanoBeast or New NanoBAM motor this will fit other nano sized or micro sized motors with a 9mm bolt mounting spaced pattern and using a 11 tooth mod.3 pinion gear-same as stock motor pinion and not larger diameter than 16.5mm. 

Please ensure that you do not have anything rubbing on your rotating motor housing such as the battery tray, motor wires, or Rear Links and move around or file down parts as needed. 

In the AX24 With the stock chassis you will likely need to Dremmel/File down the rearward part of the passenger side Frame rail so the motor does not interfere

** If Running in Custom Chassis or the Ugly Chassis the mount and or motor location may interfere with the chassis rails, Upright rails or other parts. With My ugly chassis it will hit against the passenger side upright rail. I remedied this by cutting off the upright rail on that chassis half of mine and sanding it down smooth as shown in the last picture. The chassis will be able to handle the loss of that upright and not have any adverse issues once completly put back together with cross bars and esc mount and other parts.