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Mofo Rc

Aluminum Bullet Proof Transmission Complete Pre-Built mod.3 and mod.5 For Axial SCX24 / AX24

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Bullet proof Transmission for the Scx24 This is a complete Pre Built Aluminum Case Bulletproof transmission, Comes with the trans case and cover and screws, also included is a mofo rc aluminum adjustable motor mount, High speed transmission bearings, Impossibly Strong Bulletproof Hardened steel single piece internal gears and bulletproof Hardened steel spur gear in both mod.3 and mod.5 pitch. Both are included for 1 price. 

The Complete built aluminum transmission will include Both the Stock pitch mod.3 spur gear and the larger pitch mod.5 option gear, Yes you read that right, It includes both hardened steel spur gears for the same price. One or the other will be pre-installed. And one in the package, If your transmission is tight and does not spin freely you may need to loosen the case screws just a tad bit until it loosens up. Also be sure to add your lubricant of choice to the internal gears and if running steel pinion gear you can add to the spur gear as well. 

The 2nd option is the Bullet Proof transmission for Brushless. It is the same as above EXCEPT it will NOT include the Adjustable brushed motor mount and the spur gear cover. This will allow you to use the transmission for a brushless setup without having to pay for the parts you will not need.