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Mofo Rc

FlexBlade Xr's Aluminum

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Aluminum Flexblade Pack of 4
*NEW* Scx24 FlexBlade Aluminum Xr's 4 Pack Limited edition the 2 shock mounting holes are threaded, Also shown is the New Aluminum Shock Plates for multiple shock locations are also threaded for ease and ultimate adjustabillity. FlexBlade Xr's come in a pack of 4 with 4 stainless mounting screws, install on axles pointing the end with 2 holes away from the transmission, Snug up then loosen so the flexblade can freely rotate, Install shock to the flexblade in one of the 2 positions on the blade and get that extra flex you want while looking great at the same time. Aluminum shock plates mount in the Positions as shown in pictures using the bumper screws, the Body post screws and the rear battery tray and front esc tray screw.