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Mofo Rc

FMS Big Block and BigBlockX motors with 16T pinion

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This is the Iconic Mofo Rc Big Block Motor with gobs of power and a higher top speed than the stock FMS motor. This is a direct drop in motor with the 16T mod.4 brass pinion already installed. It will have much more punch and a higher top speed than the stock brushed motor and should have a much longer life and It will still crawl great as well.

The Big block motor from Mofo Rc has TONS of Torque and TONS of speed and is 2s or 3s capable and will run on the stock ESC or upgraded ESCs. This is a 130 sized motor that is direct bolt in. 

BigBlockX Looks the same, But has an X at the end of the laser inscription, It does not have as good of a low speed resolution as the BigBlock motor, The X is Faster and has Massive Neodymium Magnets that give it insane torque but at the cost of less low speed control on takeoff. This can be mostly solved by using a better aftermarket ESC Such as the Furitek, Mofo RockWolf Esc or Dinky Esc. Or if you just wanna go fast and have tons of power you can run it on the stock esc.