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Mofo Rc

MesmoRISER Rear Diff Roller Skid plate and link riser combo

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Enhance your performance with the Mofo Rc MesmoRiser, A bolt-on rear axle skid plate, complete with bearings and a rear link riser / diff cover to help you effortlessly slide over obstacles and past the competition. Designed to fit directly onto a stock and brass SCX24 rear axle, be sure to exercise caution when tightening the bearings to ensure optimal results.

Brass rollers help add a little weight at the rear and will help Axle slide over obstacles. The included rear link riser and skid take the place of a rear diff cover. May fit other aftermarket axles as long as they arent too far off from the original axle housing design. The built in link riser will give you lots of tuning options for the rear upper link placement.   As an added bonus there is a loop on the rear upper that will allow the use of a small rubber band as a limiting strap to preload the springs and prevent unloading. 

Kit includes

1 Skid 

1 Diff cover w/ Rear Link Riser

4 Brass Bearings 

4 3mm X 8mm screws

2 2mm X10mm Screws