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Mofo Rc

Aluminum Flex Blades, " AFIBs " Tons of options for suspension tuning

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Brand New Aluminum Flex Infinity Blades - "AFIB's" The Ultimate scx24 suspension tuning devices. Multiple mounting positions and combinations, AFIB's Mounts to the axle just like a mofo rc flexblade. Use 1 screw to mount to the axle, dont tighten all the way so it can rotate. Install shocks on the outside threaded holes either in front or back of the axle. Use a second set of AFIB's to mount on the shock towers or the frame or where ever to make a separate mounting location that can also pivot or be tightened to be stationary. Or mount one plate up top and leave the shock mounted in the stock location to the axle. Figure out what works best by Infinitizing your tuning options. 

Or Use as Dual shock adapter mounts for the monster truck or a Jacked up rig, Select 4 if you need only the axle mounts, Select 8 if you need to mount to a stock scx24 shock tower or dont have room to mount the dual shocks at the top spaced out properly or if you want to maximize your tuning options.

Save $5 when you purchase 2 sets of 4 from the options 8 total 

When installing the Shock screw into the threaded blade be careful to get it lined up straight so as to not cross-thread. Use blue loctite if the screw comes loose or if screwing into a metal axle. The 2 larger holes near the center are the pivot screw holes.