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Mofo Rc

Black Brass Axle Housings for the Scx24 and Ax24

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Beautiful Black Coated Solid Brass Axle Housing set front and rear for the axial scx24 and ax24, These have been completely redesigned to have horizontal rear axle outer Bearing retaining screws and will fit the Mofo rc brass portal kit and some other bolt on kits.  66g total weight Exactly where you want it and non rotational so you dont drag down the motor.

Beautiful Black slippery coating for sliding over the rocks, Axles come with WAY too many screws. You get a Large Screw pack per each axle enough to build it and have extras of varying lengths. Diff Covers are also Black Brass Medium-Heavy weight Profile covers.

Choose option of either a standard pair, Or Separate front or a pair of 2x front

*** be sure to check your stock screws, some have a coarse thread and most have fine thread, The coarse thread will snap nearly instantly if not realized.****