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Mofo Rc

TorqueBeast 50 3.0 Motor

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This is the new Torque Beast 3.0 Motor in 050 size, This is larger than the stock scx24 motor and is a direct bolt in upgrade and do not require a new motor plate. Only minor modification of cutting off 1 of the battery tray legs is needed for clearance due to the extra length. This motor has Gobs of torque and super smooth low speed control. The 3.0 motor is a little faster than the stock motor but It will make your scx24 crawl much better at low speed without the jumpyness of the the stock motor and has way more pulling power to get you through the tough spots and bind up situations. This motor will work with all the scx24 models and v1 or v2 escs. 

The 050 TorqueBeast 3.0 motor has a proprietary wire diameter and winding count of 51 turns matched up perfectly with the magnets to give you amazing low speed control with way more torque and great wheel speed. The Copper/Carbon alloy Brushes will keep the motor running smooth and offer a very long life. The motors all come with the wire harness soldiered on at a 90 degree angle to provide better clearance under the battery tray and less likelyhood of catching on anything. Do not bend the wires straight or you may break them off. The TB50 will also run on 3s Lipo power if you are running a 3s capable esc.

Beautiful Black Chrome Motor Housing. Laser enscribed Logo, Correct and proper wire harness and Connector for your scx24, Custom Die Pressed Motor Housing to fit the stock scx24 motor mount with no need to buy a new motor mount or drill holes in the existing one, Fits on the stock motor mount Plate. 

The Motor does come with a Brass pinion gear pre-installed that you choose from the options of either Mod.3 11T brass stock pitch or Mod.5 8T Brass aftermarket pitch pinion for use with aftermarket aluminum, plastic or brass spur gears.

Platinum Torquebeast 3.0, The other 2 options for the Platinum motor are mod.3 11T Steel stock pitch or mod.5 8T Steel aftermarket pitch Pinion gear pre-installed for use with Plastic or Steel aftermarket spur gears such as mofo rc mod.5 spur gear , 


If you select the motor only no gear and purchase a larger pinion gear you can purchase the aluminum adjustable brushed motor plate capable of installing up to 20T mod.3 or 11T mod.5 by clicking here , There is no warranty on the motor with a pinion gear you install yourself, Or with a gear larger than 11T mod.3 or 8T mod.5. 

 See Youtube video for low speed and top speed motor comparisons by clicking here