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Mofo Rc

Black Brass Axle Housings For TRX4m

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95 Grams of weight!! Right where you want it on your crawler, Keep you planted and stuck to the rocks! Includes 1 Front and 1 Rear Black Brass Axle Housing, Plus 2 black brass diff covers. Re-uses all your stock axle interals, Bearings and Screws. Will also fit all of your aftermarket hardware that is designed for the trx4m.

Some servo mounts may be difficult to install due to the brass uprights being metal and not plastic. IF installing a lay down servo mount you may need to cut off the servo mounting tabs. 

If you find a screw hole that is tight when installing the screw use a tiny drop of oil and push and turn the screw in at a good rate of speed. Do not go slow or the screws can stretch and snap.  

Axle housings weight 95 GRAMS !!!!!