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Mofo Rc

Trx4m Black Brass Portal Axles (complete) LIMITED QUANTITY

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Complete Black Brass Portals for the Trx4-m from mofo rc. These beautys weigh in at an astounding 253 grams, Exactly where you want the weight placed. These do have appx 40% underdrive built into them for more torque and better crawling. They are complete axles But will be shipped dry with no lube inside them. HOWEVER, These will include a generous tub of Cow Rc Udder Butter high performace grease. You will want to disassemble the axles and coat the portal gears and the ring and pinion with the included grease.  

During re-assembly do not overtighten the portal boxes or the diff covers. You may notice a slight rough feel when spining over by hand. These will smoothen out over time as the hardened steel gears break in and wear together.  Also you will need to reverse your throttle on the remote. See your owners manual or the traxxas website if you do not know how.