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Mofo Rc

Wheel Nut Tool, Thin walled Select Size

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Tool Nut Size

These are thin walled Nut Driver tools especially handy for removing wheel nuts from a deep wheel. 

Available are 4 different sizes. Select from options the tool nut size you need. If these still arent thin enough for ya, You can sand off the Black coating to make them a little bit thinner. These are great for the MF6 wheel hubs sold here at mofo rc. 

**The 5.5mm tool will not work with mofo rc wheels other than the monster truck wheels. 

4.0mm Standard Scx24

4.5mm Some FMS and others - Not the Smasher

5.0mm Trx4-m

5.5mm FMS (smasher) These will not fit inside some of the MOFO Rc wheels without modification