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Mofo Rc

NanoBAM 1.2 Brushless motor for FMS / FCX

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Brushless motors require a Brushless speed controller such as the Mofo Rockwolf ESC, Fuirtek lizard pro or the Dinky Rc esc or others, Please research what you will need to convert to brushless.

This Brand new Brushless motor from Mofo Rc Is based off the amazingly small and powerful and oh so smooth NanoBAM motor But is a mounting pattern for 12mm mounting solutions such as the TRX4-m and FMS series using either 130 or 180 size motors. The motor will come with the selected pinion gear and the selected KV. KV is the speed of the motor. The 1900KV will be more of a crawler motor vs the 3200KV will be a much faster motor that will still crawl well. On the FMS it is a driect bolt in, BUT when installing do not install 1 screw and tighten, Install 1 screw in barely, Then slightly angle and rotate the motor until the other screw lines up and lightly thread it in, Then you can install both screws, If the motor is rubbing too hard on the trans case you may notice high heat build up and or low power or cogging and need to remove and lightly sand away material from the trans housing to let the motor casing spin freely it is a tight fit. 

Motor dimensions are as follows,

Length is 23mm, Diameter is 16.25mm, Weight including the pressed on brass gear is 18 grams, Motor shaft diameter is 1.5mm by 6mm long, The motor is a 12 POLE. KV is either 1900kv or 3200kv. 

The Motor housing will rotate while running, Make sure it spins freely. If it rubs on anything you may need to file or sand down slightly on whatever it is hitting. 

The motor listed for the FMS smasher and the Fcx24 and others similar will come with a mod.4 16 tooth brass pinion gear preinstalled.