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Mofo Rc

RockWolf Micro Rock Crawler ESC (SJTA32)

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Here is a link to a setup video. 

The new Esc from Mofo Rc that is tiny in size. Super Easy to use and very very good. With Built in BEC! Conformal Coated For water Resistance! Inculded USB Programmer! 

Works in both brushless and brushed mode. HOWEVER you have to program it to brushed mode using the included programmer, Required and not included is a usb C cable to plug the programmer into your PC.

32Bit will give you a huge improvement of Brushless low speed control and modulation and is extremely Quiet, In Brushed mode you can control the several other factors including the Frequency or run in multi frequency-Recommended, and there is several ways both in brushed and brushless mode to really fine tune everything. The Brushed mode is leaps and bounds what you are used to with factory escs. And Is a must if you are running the New Torque Beast X or Buzzsaw X motors from mofo rc to control the extra power provided from the Neodymium Magnets. 

The download of the Esc Multi config tool to run the program will be emailed to you with a link to download when the order is fullfilled. Comes as brushless and It is pre-programmed for the NanoBAM motor from Mofo rc. However to use with any other brushless motor simply input the pole count and the KV of the motor into the esc config tool and send the settings to the esc. Esc has Uber Smooth Sinusoidal Startup. All the settings can be adjusted to fine tune your motor. Esc has a built in BEC for servo power that is not adjustable, It is a Fixed 6.5V and 3 amps. ESC will Run 2s-4s

ESC Is not set to Low voltage cuttoff, First step when you set this up is to turn on the Low voltage cuttoff, It shows 300, that would be 3.0v, I would set it to at least 325-350 would be 3.25v to 3.5v to ensure you dont damage your batteries, It is in the INPUT Setting of the configuration tool.

Dimensions of the esc and specs

Mofo Rc Rock Wolf ESC

AM32 Based

Support Voltage: 2-4S Voltage
Constant Current: 20A
Burst Current: 25A
Build-in BEC: 6.5V/3A
Dimension: 27mm x 17mm x 8mm
Weight: 5g
Flash method: Type-C

Once you download the Multi config tool open the .zip folder, Uncompress it and the program you need to run it is called Serialportconnector, Click the box that says Direct connect, And directly below that select the port that show up you are connected to. Click connect then click M1 at the top to connect and settings will appear, Check back here soon and i will have the directions to Change the setting to brushed mode.