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Mofo Rc

1.8" Super Class Wheel Kit -READ DESCRIPTION-

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These are the New 1.8 inch 4 piece micro scale Super Class wheels. They are crush lock style. They are the most Robust 1.8 super size crush lock wheels available. 

Please select all the options needed and read full description especially the bottom portion before checking out.

Consisting of 4 major parts, The Main Wheel Hub, Carbon ring, The Carbon Ring Face, And the MF6 Hub. 

The Main Wheel hub is made of aluminum, Vented in several locations and threaded to accept the Carbon ring and Carbon ring face. The Main Wheel kit INCLUDES 4 main wheel hubs, 4 of the Carbon fiber rings and all the black m2 screws neccesary for the installation of the carbon rings and the MF6 hubs. The Main wheel hub also has a recessed crush lock pocket to secure the tire bead with extreme hold. The Carbon rings included with the hubs will secure one side of the cut tire to the wheel hub.

The Carbon Ring Face is made of carbon fiber and has the design of your choice currently 4 different designs you can select Type A, B, C, D, This piece secures the other side of the cut tire to the main wheel hub via the incuded black M2 screws, It also has mounting loaction for the MF6 Hub that allows you to mount the wheel to the micro rig of your choice, Scx24, Trx4m, FMS and others.

The MF6 HUB is made of either Aluminium or Brass, It is NOT INCLUDED and Is REQUIRED FOR USE, You can select from the options various sizes of each material in either 0mm, 3mm, or 6mm The MF6 Hub mounts to the Carbon ring face and has the hex mounting location machined into it that goes onto your micro rig. For more information read below. 


You will need a taller profile tire to do this properly. Shown on the wheels below are the Injora 1.0" Mud terrains with an outer diameter of 62mm sold here on the site.

Crush lock wheels are designed like a bead lock wheel except they use a tire that has been cut to give a lower profile with stiffer sidewall for ultimate grip. You will need to cut the tires you choose and id suggest using a pair of angled body scissors to make the cut, You can use the carbon ring as a template of where you will need to cut the tire. Set the ring centered on the outside of the tire and and using the inside profile of the ring you can draw a circle on the tire of where you need to cut it. Some have made videos of similar processes on youtube. Repeat process for the other side, Then you can either cut the foam or just stretch it around the main wheel hub, install the tire around that and then the Carbon ring and Carbon ring face. Then install the MF6 wheel hub. The MF6 wheel hub in a 3mm will be appx 0mm centered offset appx the stock location. The 6mm mf6 wheel hub will be appx 3mm wider tire stance than stock per side. The 0mm hub will be appx a minus 3mm inset tire stance when compared to a stock wheel and tire. If you already have Mofo Rc DDP, Super DDP, UPW, Or 1UP wheels the MF6 hubs are the same as used with them. The MF6 Hub CAN BE INSTALLED on either side of the Carbon Ring Face. If you install on the inside of the face that is normal and the above measurements will apply, If you install on the outer of the ring face it will instantly be more like a Deep Dish wheel an have a much much wider stance and the 0mm mf6 hub will be more like a +5mm wider stance than stock, 3mm mf6 appx 8mm wider, and 6mm appx 11mm wider.