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Mofo Rc

1UP Wheel - Brass Upgrade Kit

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The 1UP Brass upgrade kit for the Mofo Rc 1UP Island Ultra Premium Wheels 

Includes 4 Brass inner rings and 4 Brass 0mm offset MF6 wheel hubs all in one package, This brings the 1UP Wheel set weight from 76 Grams all the way to a Staggering 208 Grams for the set. You can choose as well to Tune the rig by mixing and matching the parts you have with the Brass upgrade kit. Example Front brass rings and hubs and Rear Aluiminum hubs with brass inner rings, Or Brass hubs and aluminum rings. ETC ETC ETC... 

This Kit will ONLY fit the 1UP Wheels. NOT the DDP, UPW or other wheels from Mofo rc.