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Mofo Rc

42mm Long travel oil shocks

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The 42mm long travel oil shocks will give you a dampened ride so it is not so bouncy, They also are longer than the stock shocks for giving you extra travel for articulation. They are beautiful. Included with them is 4 sets of springs for your tuning options in the order of stiffness with the stiffest listed first is Silver, Gold, Black and 1 new set not pictured of Thinner Diameter springs that are Black as well for running custom tunes at severe angles or extreme weights, Those springs are cut to fit length desired and are quite stiff, they ride below the shock body and on the lower spring perch. If you desire droop springs the springs installed on the shocks can be cut to length as well. 

You will need to disassemble these, Take care not to knock out the seals during this step. Clean the oil residue from the threaded parts and use a thread locking compound on the inner shock piston as well as the Lower spring perch or they will fall apart during use and you will be sad. If you have no other choice but to use super glue as the locking compound do NOT get any glue on the shock shaft or the shocks will be forever sticky during range of motion and you will be sad.  See Video Here 

Shipped dry with no oil, Recommended oils from 15wt to 40wt But if you try another and it is amazing let me know. There is a demonstration of how to fill them with oil, See Video Here

From Mount Eye to Mount Eye is 42mm, Collapsed is 28mm