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Mofo Rc

AX24 Double Dragon Carbon Chassis

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This is the Mofo Rc Double Dragon carbon fiber chassis to replace the stock aluminum rails for the AX24. It weighs in at around 4 grams total. Rail kit Includes a 6 pack of tiny nuts as well. You can use them for links or shocks or custom setups or just hold on to them for future use. The rails have more upper link mounting options and a better placement for use when running larger motors such as the TorqueBeast 50 brushed motor or others.

The Double Dragon allows you to mount the shocks in different position using the included nuts. You can also use shorter shocks to reduce the amount of flop or articulation or mount with limiting straps and you can choose to tune the setup as needed for the ultimate setup. This is a direct bolt on chassis that opens the door to major suspension tuning. 

This will fit the Nanobeast and standard mount or the NanoBam and standard mount but will likely require dremmeling or grinding out the passenger side rail some so the motor can spin free of obstruction. Try not to dremmel all the way through the rail.