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Mofo Rc

BAM High performance Brushless Motor / Aluminum Motor mounts

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Bad A** Motor, Fits with slight modifications to the esc tray in the Axial Scx24 and has never before seen capabilities for high speed, Low speed and power in something so small. Massive Power Density Means Awesome low speed crawling and high speed without compromise. 

This does require a brushless esc to operate. If you want to purchase the Furitek Lizard pro esc at the same time simply add the lizard pro to your cart as well as this. This will work with other brushless esc but works best with FOC technology.

The motor comes in 2 variants, 1900KV and 4100KV, Both have a 12mm bolt mounting pattern, 2mm shaft diameter, PH3.0 wire connectors. The 1900 Kv motor will come with a brass pinion installed, The 4100Kv motors will come with a Steel pinion gear installed. 

Mounts are now ALUMINUM

For the Ultimate in Crawling performance Slightly faster than a stock scx24 And way better low speed Select the 1900 W/Forward mount, You can also use 3s to speed it up even more.

For the Happy Medium which has good high speed and great low Select the 4100 18T W/Forward mount.

For Higher speed performance select the 24T option with FF mount, 

If Ultimate Parts Breaking Speed and power is what you need Select the 4100 24T W/Race Mount and tiny spur combo which will still crawl amazingly but will also pull wheelies and jump things with ease. 

The Aluminum mounts have a 12mm bolt pattern and MAY also fit other motors such as surpass rocket, Mofo Big Block and PN90 and others

Ensure you set the gear mesh properly, If you use the race combo the tiny spur may rub on the mount screws and make a little noise, The tiny spur will likely wear the screws so the noise stops or gets signifigantly quieter. 

All of the Combos are capable of 2s or 3s lipo But keep an eye on the temp with the race version and use at your own risk It may overpower some Esc when ran too long if heat builds up. 30 Day warranty against defects on brushless motors.