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Mofo Rc

BAM Brushless Motor for the TRX4-M

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Motor KV

The Furitek Lizard Pro we have with the combo does not have the trx4m battery connector, It is the PH2.0 battery port. This is the link to get the battery connector

This is the BAM Motor for the Trx4-m, It is available in 2 different speed of motor KV, It will include the correct mod.4 11t Brass pinion gear pressed onto the motor. You will need a brushless esc such as the Mofo rc Rockwolf esc and the know how to install and work the brushless esc. 

The 1900Kv will be about the same speed as stock on 2s lipo but with tons more torque and superior low speed control when using an electronic speed controller such as the Furitek Lizard Pro, The 1900Kv motor can also run up to 4s lipo voltage. 

The 4100Kv will be easily twice as fast than the stock brushed motor and tons more torque and Much better low speed control at the same time when using an electronic speed controller such as the Furitek Lizard Pro

They will both run on either 2s or 3s and the 1900 could be used on 4s as well. If you run the 4100kv on 3s Be aware that Furitek Does not condone that much power output and may not warranty out a burned up ESC with 3s lipo and over 4000kv motors 

If you are using the Furitek esc and experience strange hiccups or cogging at either low or high speed Change the firmware to a different version either higher or lower and perform a factory reset. Furitek escs are quite finicki with the firmware versions.