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Mofo Rc

Bulletproof Diff Axle Gears, Select Gearing

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Gear Pitch

Bulletproof axle gears for scx24 sold per 1 axle gear set

Hardend steel worm drive gears to replace your stock axle gears with. Comes with the input worm gear shaft and the output drive gear locker.

You can select Between 4 options here, The difference is the ratios. The regular bulletproof axle gears are the same ratio as the stock axle gears, The Overdrive gears are appx 33% faster than stock ratio. The Underdrive Gears are appx 20% or 33% slower than the stock ratio. If you Overdrive the front it will pull you faster in the front, better for uphill climbs with less chance of flipping over backwards kind of like a DIG trans. It will also give you a shorter turning radius. The same would be if you used the Underdrive 33% gears in the rear axle but would result in a 33% overdrive to the front. Or If you are looking to go slower you could use a set of the Underdrive gears in the front and the rear to make the whole rig go 20% or 33% slower. Or vice Versa If you use the Overdrive gears in front and rear it will speed the whole rig up 33%

The 33% overdrive gear is marked 2/12, the 33% underdrive gear is marked 1/12 the stock replacement gear is marked 2/16 and the 20% underdrive is marked 2/20. 

Also available is O-rings only, In a pack of 2 to replace your broken or lost ones. 

This also should solve broken brass gear issues and also stripped brass gear locker issues. Have a nice tight lockup as well. Make sure to transfer the tiny orings from your old input worm gear onto the new one or use the ones supplied with overdrive or underdrive gears it will include the tiny o-rings these are to be installed on either side of the top shaft worm gear. Also check that the bearings will go on the shaft upper input gear and the axle shafts fit inside the lower gear and sand down a little if necessary before trying to put it together.

We Hand test for bearing fit and Polish the shafts as necessary