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Mofo Rc

Big Block and BigBlockX Motors with Side Mount for Scx24

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To Select the BigBlockX rather than normal BigBlock simply add the BigBlock combo of your choice to your cart, Then ALSO ADD the item that says Make it a BigBlockX to your cart as well. 

The Big block motor from Mofo Rc has TONS of Torque and TONS of speed and is 2s or 3s capable and will run on the stock ESC or upgraded ESCs. This is a 130 sized motor that is side mounted to the transmission like the stock motor, It fits in the scx24 using the included aluminum motor mount and may need a little modification to the battery tray or other parts.

BigBlockX Looks the same, But has an X at the end of the laser inscription, It does not have as good of a low speed resolution as the BigBlock motor, The X is Faster and has Massive Neodymium Magnets that give it insane torque but at the cost of less low speed control on takeoff. This can be mostly solved by using a better aftermarket ESC Such as the Furitek, Mofo RockWolf Esc or Dinky Esc. Or if you just wanna go fast and have tons of power you can run it on the stock esc. 

This particular combo would not be recommended for a low speed crawler rig. For the big block in better suited crawler configuration see the other listing titled Big Block Motor and Forward Facing Mount with the 16T or 18T mod.3 gear.

Due to the size the side mounted big block may not fit aftermarket chassis that do not have a motor cut out or extra clearance to allow the motor to protrude outwards from the frame, The Spur gear cover will no longer fit using the big block. Make sure you set the gear mesh properly or you will burn out the motor prematurely. 

The Aluminum side mount combo comes in 2 options,

Stock pitch mod.3 with a 24T pinion gear and in aftermarket pitch mod.5 with a 14T mod.5 pinion gear. Both options have a Steel pinion gear that is pre installed on the motor. To use the mod.5 option you must have an aftermarket mod.5 spur gear.

This motor will mount in several different mounts, That being said depending on the mount and location you may need to either remove the pins from the motor wire connector and swap them from one side to the other or if you have a throttle reverse function on your remote or esc you may need to reverse the direction from the remote or esc.

Brushed motors have a 30 day warranty against defects.

See youtube video here for speed demonstrations of this and other motors from mofo rc.