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Mofo Rc

Hardened Steel Spur Gears

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Spur Gear Size and Pitch

Hardened Steel Spur Gears

Read below and select which gear is correct for your needs.

**MOD.5 Pitch Nitride coated Black** This is for Mod.5 gear pitch only, The difference is the gear spacing between the lugs. See picture showing stock Mod.3 gear pitch with the stock Scx24 plastic spur gear vs the larger gear lugs of the mod.5, they are not compatible for mixing the two, You must have or buy a mod.5 pinion gear to use for your motor to use this spur gear. Mod.5 is a stronger gear, the larger lugs keep it from stripping out when compared to the smaller mod.3 pitch. If purchasing this gear for use with a nano Beast motor and the forward facing mount I sell the largest pinion gear you can use is the 8T mod.5 with this spur gear. This mod.5 gear will not work at this time with the Nanobeast standard mount please stick to stock pitch mod.3 spur gear and 11t mod.3 pinion gear for the nano standard mount.

**Mod.3 Pitch Standard Size Steel replacement spur gear** This is the gear you would use if wanting to upgrade to a steel spur gear but dont want to or need to change anything else. It is the same size as the stock spur gear and can be used with the stock motor pinion gear or with brass pinion gears in mod.3 from my store. Not shown but This gear has been redesigned and now looks more similar to the other 2 styles, Nitride coated and solid. 

**Mod.3 Pitch Small or tiny 32Teeth spur gear** This gear is tiny and will not work with anything right out of the box, At the moment you can also purchase this gear in the store with a motor flip kit that uses a 20T pinion gear to make a very fast scx24 however it will have clearance issues with the forward mounted parts in your rig as the motor will point to the front and may hit the links too. You can also use your creative side to maybe figure out a way to use this gear. Or keep an eye on the site im sure ill come up with other ways to mount it and use it when i get time.

**Pinion Gears and shaft sizes for motors** I do have both mod.3 and mod.5 pinion gears in shaft sizes from 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm the most common used motor shaft diameters. Those are separate listings on my site. 1.5mm is mostly used for smaller motors such as the stock 030 motor and larger barrage, Ox and Torquebeast or Buzzsaw motors. Also the Nano Beast has a 1.5mm shaft. The surpass rocket 1410 and PN90 Motors are 2.0mm shaft diameter for 2.0mm pinions, The Komodo and Surpass Larger Komodo like motor Use the 3mm size shaft pinion.