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Mofo Rc

Island style wheel spacers and rings For UPW and DDP wheels, brass or aluminum

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The Island style spacers for the UPW, DDP and Super DDP wheels will add 4mm of width to each wheel you install it on. It will make tires that appear skinny wider than they are. Or tires that are meant to be wide actually wide. These do also add some weight to the wheel to help with the lower center of gravity. See weight below or in pictures. Wheels not included only spacer parts. 

Super easy to install just place the spacer in-between the 2 wheel halves an install the longer screws and rings through the wheel into the MF6 Hub

These are sold as a set of 4 Wider rings and 4 widening spacers plus the M2x10mm screws to install them into the upw or ddp wheels 

Brass adds 39 grams each for a total of 156g for the set. 

Aluminum adds 13 grams for a total of 52g for the set.