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Mofo Rc

LABOR, *PINION GEAR INSTALL* -- Plus pinion gear selection information

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This is the labor line to let us know that you have ordered a motor without a gear installed and you have ordered a gear that will go along with that motor, And you would like to have the gear installed onto the motor before shipping them to you. 

If the motor you ordered has a gear on it dont add this to the cart. This is for Motor only no gear items. 

We will install the gear you purchased onto the motor you purchased so that you dont have to worry about possible damage to the motor during install. 

1.5mm shaft motors, Nanobeast, Torquebeast, Buzzsaw. 

2.0mm shaft motors, BAM and Big Block

3.0mm shaft motors, SMP pancake and ROP pancake

Motors cannot be returned or exchanged if you order the wrong gear or it doesnt work for your application. Please make sure the pitch, size and material is correct for what you are installing it into. 


*Brass pinion gears, Good for Plastic, Aluminum and Brass spur gears.

*Steel pinion gears, Good for Plastic and Steel spur gears 

*Brass and Steel and Steel and Aluminum do not like one another and will wear out faster than normal.