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Mofo Rc

MF6 wheel hubs For UPW, DDP and 1UP, Wheels

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Hub offset size and material

These are required for any of the UPW, DDP or Super DDP Wheels. These are the inner wheel hub that mounts the wheel halves to the hub and also has the standard size hex hole to mount the wheel to the Scx24 and some other 1/24 and 1/18 scale Rigs. A 0mm offset is more like 2mm or 3mm over the standard offset. Then add the extra for size over that 

Choose your wheel offset from standard 0mm offset width, +3mm offset width and +6mm offset width per side.

These come with 4 hubs and the installation screws to mount the wheels to the hubs, The screws are M2x6mm or M2x7mm size and will either be stainless steel or black in color. They will also work with scale hardware in that size. 

The MF6 hubs are either Aluminum or Brass hubs for extra weight down low. The brass hubs weight is 18g for 4 of 0mm, 24g for 4 of +3mm and 36g for 4 of +6mm

The Brass 0mm heavy hub weight is 56g for the set of 4 

Pictures show wheels which are not included with the hubs. Choose the material and the size of offset extension