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Mofo Rc

Mini Wild Chassis for 24th scale Axial

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Mini Wild Chassis is a high clearance competition style chassis, This is a super easy to build kit that includes the following.

  • Lower Frame rails and Upper protection support rails.
  • ESC and Battery Tray both chassis mounted
  • Motor protection cover plate
  • Suspension link set

You will need a variety of screws, m1.4x4mm, m1.4x6mm, m1.4x8mm and m1.4x10mm NOT included. See video linked below for more info and instructions.

Mini Wild and Mini Wild XT both come with the link set, Here are the specifics

Mini Wild comes with Gladdy Bolt- Gladiator / Power wagon length custom bend rear links and Deadbolt custom bend front links Links are nylon 12GF laser printed, Will need driveshafts from a Gladiator or power wagon rear and from a deadbolt or betty front.


Mini Wild and XT are designed to be used with any of the Brushless mofo rc pancake series of motors and forward facing mount. If using the X15 axles with stock 50% underdrive gearing Id recommend either the ROP motor combo. Or the MVP motor on 3s.  With other axles you can use the SMP MVP or ROP with any gearing you choose according to the speed you desire. 

This chassis is designed for ease of use and budget in mind it works great with stock shocks or stock length aftermarket shocks. You can use longer shocks at your own tuning ability. Feel free to get wild with it.