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Mofo Rc

Mod.4 Spur gear for scx24 / ax24

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Mod.4 Hardened steel spur gear for use with our Mod.4 pinion gears

This is the big gear that mounts to your transmission and transfers power from the motor to the transmission. The hardened steel gear is molten nitride salt bath coated for extra strength and less wear and great corrosion resistance. 

Mod.4 is not common for the scx24 or ax24 platform and is not standard, Mod.4 is a slightly larger pitch in-between the size of mod.3 and mod.5.

Mod.3 is standard pitch and is great for crawling but is harder to mesh properly and not very strong. Mod.5 is larger than normal pitch and doesnt work as well for crawling but is extremely strong. Mod.4 is a perfect medium of strength and ease of use and crawling. 

To use a mod.4 spur gear you will need to buy a motor with a mod.4 pinion gear on it or a pinion to install on the motor of your choosing.