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Mofo Rc

Modular Micro Tool Stand

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Two Tone Black and

Awesome micro tool stand with separate screw holding organizer, Modular adjustability with included different tool size inserts to hold your tools in the upright and ready to use position. MORE cool ass things to come that will be useable in the same peg hole slots.

Graduated measuring grid / screw, nut hardware holder in 10mm squares, total size of grid is 60mm x 30mm. 

More Optioned modular tool inserts will come in several sizes for purchase later but included will be sizes marked on the outside, 12 total, 3 each 3mm diameter, 1 each of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, and 2 each 7mm and 8mm. Tool pegs are removable and can be installed in any of the open holes. Has one spot for liquids/ loctite / paint / grease / oil / whatever. More options to come in the future soon. 

*Will fit many varieties of tools, Tools in pictures not included.

Very durable and wont be ruined if you leave it in the sun by accident. Not recommended.  Chemical resistant, Water Proof, Heat resistant, UV resistant. Should last longer than you do.

Choose your 2 tone color from options below. We will update the pictures as the trays are ordered to reflect the actual color.