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Mofo Rc

Surprise! ~ V2 Brass Portal Kit READ the description ON CLEARANCE NOW !!!!

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**Important Read All** Fits Scx24 and AX24, AX24 require use of portal kit and rear steer add on kit, Or 2 brass portal kits. 

This is a batch that the factory produced during the last run of the portal kits without my knowlege, I didnt purchase due to wanting to redesign them first to a V3 style. They really wanted to liquidate them and get rid of em so offed them to me for below manufacturing costs. SO, im offering these at the lowest price ever and they do not come with any warranty... Nor do i want to reply to emails asking how to set these up. That being said purschase at your own risk and know that 50% likely you will need to do some polishing or "fitting" to get these to work smoothly and make sure to set your end points or youll blow through front axle shafts faster than a 50BMG blows through a cinder block at 50yds.

Also available is the rear steering add on kit, That consist of everything you need to convert the brass portal kit to be used on 2 front axles instead of a front and a rear, You will need both a portal kit and an add on kit.  Makes for rear steering vehicles. - WE DONT HAVE MANY REAR STEER KITS, ONCE SOLD OUT YOULL NEED 2 FULL KITS TO MAKE 4WS

These are comp use portals not designed for beginner use, May require some polishing or fitiment. But will be amazing when finished, Non returnable. Purchase at your own risk.

See Install and testing videos on youtube from Bcochener, and Mofo Rc

The brass portal kit will add appx 72 grams of extra weight to you rig exactly where you want it and non-rotational. It is also a Gear Reduction of 25% for better low speed crawling and more power. Will be slower by 25% also so if you want to pick up more speed again id suggest the torquebeast 3.0 motor with 14t mod.3 or 20t mod.3 pinion gear or 10t mod.5 pinion gear if running aftermarket spur gear with mod.5 pitch for both options you will need to custom order the motor and a mofo rc adjustable motor mount.

This kit will raise the ground clearance of the axles by appx 6-7mm and also the width of the wheel offset by appx 8mm. The portals come with everything needed including the axle shafts in the rear, outer axle stub shafts in the front and output shafts for the portal lower shafts. The shafts are stainless steel and single piece machined with gear so there is no pins to come out or break. These portals do not need any bearings external from the axle housings. The brass acts as the bearings for the shaft and both parts are precision machined. When installing be sure to use a good waterproof grease to lubricate the portal gears and the brass axle bearings you can lube with oil periodically to extend the life. This kit also includes all the needed parts to install as shown.

These will not fit the stock plastic axial wheels very well.