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Mofo Rc

Nano Standard Mount transfer gear Only

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Gear material

This is only for the Nano standard mount, Not the Forward Facing mount 

Nanobeast and NanoBAM standard mount transfer gear upgrade or replacement either nylon or brass, This is the transfer gear only. 2mm inner hole 18T mod.3 pitch This does not include the rest of the mount, gear only choose material you want either brass or nylon.

 If you have the very first nanobeast kit without the enclosed gear cover on front and the transfer gear was the same size as the pinion gear this will not fit your mount. You will need to upgrade to the whole new standard mount kit in the store not many have the V1 mount.

This Takes the place of the brass transfer gear that was previously included with the nanobeast and nanobeast 2.0, Remove the front cover and old gear and install with the new nylon gear. The nylon gear will be much quieter and reduce wear on the brass pinion gear. You can also purchase the replacement brass gear through this item just select which gear you want. The brass gear worked fine but was noisy and creates more heat, The gears spin at such high speeds with the 2 brass gears together it wears faster than a nylon gear will. Some will like the geartrain noise from the brass gears. But with the nylon gear it is near silent when compared.