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Mofo Rc

Aluminum Dually Adapter Kit For Mofo Rc Wheels

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Scx24 Aluminum Dually kit to Convert your scx24 into a Sweet looking Functional Dually, Installation is simple and includes hardware. Wheels not included see description.

This kit works with the Mofo rc UPW or DDP wheels. If you already have 6 Mofo rc wheels youll only need to purchase the Dually kit Which comes with the parts shown to convert the rear and bring the front wheels out a +3mm for a wider front stance.

If you do not have any Mofo Rc wheels yet youll need to purchase a set of either the DDP or the UPW wheels in whichever color you want, As well as Select the Add On for 2 Extra wheels for the rear. The add on kit will provide 2 extra DDP wheels in the color you choose to be used as the Inner rear wheels. Otherwise The Conversion Kit does not come with wheels. You CAN ALSO use regular DDP or UPW wheels for the inner rear wheels. 

Use as many Dually Kits as you want to add axles. Can be used to make 6x6 duallys, 8x8 10x10, Whatever your hearts content.  You can also continue adding dually kits to the same axle to make 6 wheels or 8 wheels or 10 wheels per axle if youd like.