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Mofo Rc

High Clearance Black brass v2 4 link kit for scx24

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All brass high clearance 4 link kits for the scx24 model of your choice. Beautifully coated black brass is smooth and slick. Gold mofo rc laser logo on the proper sides of these. I would recommend buying the mofo rc best ever servo mount from the website at the same time if you don't currently have one it is threaded for 4 link from the get go. See item in store. 

All link kits retain the exact wheelbase unless noted below. 

The Jeep/C10/bronco will fit all 3 models. If used on a bronco you will get a 1mm rear wheelbase increase in length.  These links weigh 35 grams. 

The deadbolt/Betty will fit both those models. And weight is 35 grams. 

The gladiator links will fit the gladiator model and weight 40 grams.