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Mofo Rc

Aluminum Suspension Threaded Shock plates

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These DO NOT fit the gladiator rear.

Scx24 Aluminum Threaded Shock Plates with Multiple shock mounting locations for ultimate adjustability and tuning of the suspension. Comes with stainless screw kit to install. Choose OPTION to add a set of the aluminum Flexblade Xrs for even more articulation Or shock plate kit only. Install shown in pictures is on a Deadbolt, the Betty will be the same, For install on the Jeep or C10 simply flip the rear aluminum shock plate the other direction and bolt it to the rear bumper location and the battery tray rear leg. Front is the same install for all and will screw to the front bumper mount, the esc tray front leg hole and the upper body post hole. You can also just remove the stock rear shock towers if you want.