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Mofo Rc

Ti-Jacker Chassis Kit Titanium lift chassis / MT

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This is the Ti-Jacker Chassis. It is the beast mode of beast mode chassis for mud trucks, jacked up show stoppers, or even Monster trucks as shown with the mofo rc Monster truck tires or the lgrp trail kings or other large tires. The chassis has stock mounting locations for all your original parts from a jeep , c10 , deadbolt or betty. And most parts from others. Even has multiple skid plate locations so you can move or flip your skid easily. And you can just unbolt the stock body and install it onto this chassis as well except for gladiator. 

Chassis is a Beautiful Show quality Flamed titanium Color scheme. 

All the shock holes are threaded for ease of use and there is tons of positions for all different wheel base or different link combos and even dual shock use using the mofo rc Flex infinity Blades sold separately. Chassis fitimaent works great with any motor combo you can think of with ample room all over the place some slight modifications may be necessary. Works especially easy and cheap with a big block brushed motor, side mount from mofo rc. 

Chassis kit comes with both side rails. A healthy sized bag of screws and nuts and 3 aluminum cross braces.