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Mofo Rc

TorqueBeastX 180 Size Brushed Motor for Scx24 Ax24

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The Forward Facing Mount for this motor used on scx24 or modded ax24 is found HERE

This Motor combo is for the Scx24, if you are looking for a different model, FMS, TRX4m, ETC... please go back and find the motor listed for your Model.

X Series Motors Work Best on Mofo RockWolf 32Bit ESC CLICK HERE

TorqueBeast 180 Version X motor is a High Performance 180 size 21,000 RPM motor. It is the Largest Brushed motor we offer. It is even larger than the Big Block 130 motor. TB180X has a 12mm 2 bolt mounting pattern that will work on our 12mm brushed / brushless forward facing motor mount and may work on our Big Block Side mount as well if the chassis offers the space. NOT COMMON.

You can purchase the motor by itself or with the gear pre-installed. I would suggest with the gear installed unless you are an expert. Also do not forget to buy the Forward Facing Motor Mount to install this with. IT WILL NOT mount to the stock 030 or 050 motor mounts.

GEARING- if you have not changed your transmission spur gear on the scx24 you have mod.3 gearing and That is common. If you have changed your spur gear to mod.5 you will have appx 32 ish teeth on your transmission spur gear. When using the Forward facing mount the best gear option for crawling will be 16T mod.3 or 18T mod.3, For speed it will be 24T mod.3 or 14T mod.5

* TB180X is not only a Beast, It is also Beautiful!  Gorgeous Black Chrome electroplated finish.

* Super powerful Neodymium Magnets for insane torque.

* Common 2mm shaft diameter for strength and gear options

* PH 2.0 stock connector for axial scx24 and ax24.

* Ridiculously good low speed control and smooth torque curve throughout the RPM range.

* Long Life Carbon / Copper Hybrid Brushes for less heat, Lower draw, And longer life. 

* Wires are Soldered on at 90 degrees and banded to the motor to prevent hangups and improve clearance and solder joint life.

This motor will work great as a crawler motor on your stock esc, HOWEVER due to the massive neodymium magnets and super high torque it will work best with an aftermarket esc such as the Mofo RockWolf Esc, Dinky Rc esc or the Furitek esc.