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Mofo Rc

Torque Beast X, 180 Size Brushed Motor for Trx4m

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The Most Powerful Brushed Motor made for the Trx4m

Here is a great video demonstration of the New TB180X

TBX180 The motor you will love in your Trx4m, Faster top speed, Better Low speed Torque. Insane Drag Brake Holding Power. MASSIVE TORQUE throughout the entire RPM range. 

* TB180X is not only a Beast, It is also Beautiful!  Gorgeous Black Chrome electroplated finish.

* Direct Bolt in motor with Correct motor connector for plug and play operation. Depending on your motor orientation you may need to plug the motor connector in reversed to spin the correct direction or change throttle on your remote. 

* Pre-Installed Brass 11T mod.4 Pinion gear, No need to remove and glue on your old one. 

* Super Strong Neodymium magnets for insane power and torque

* Long Life Carbon / Copper Hybrid Brushes for less heat, Lower draw, And longer life. 

* Wires are Soldered on at 90 degrees and banded to the motor to prevent hangups and improve clearance and solder joint life.