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Mofo Rc

UPW Outer Wheel Ring Sets

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* See also New Colored outer wheel rings in the wheels category *

Mofo Rc Outer wheel ring sets for the UPW WHEELS select from options, set of 4 rings with no screws, The screws are included with the upw wheels, or if you use your own screws they are M1.4 x 5mm screws

These come in 12 Unique designs and have 2 options per design for a total of 24 different ring choices. Choose either Aluminum Or Brass, The Brass rings are coated Black and weigh appx 3 times more than the aluminum 2 of the rings sets are black but are aluminum or Black brass, See pics for reference. To select a ring click on the name of the ring and the picture will show you which one it is. Only 1 ring is shown but it is a set of 4. 

These are the outer wheel rings for the UPW wheels, The wheels and hubs are not included. See other items in the store to purchase the wheel set and the MF6 hubs to go along with wheels.